The Ndeavor is a special project carried out by Hyproma. This HPU is produced in a 10ft container, so that it can easily be placed in various places and can function. This HPU is equipped with two 75kW motors, a maximum flow of two times 170 L / min and tested maximum pressure of 210 bar with open circuit and 300 bar with closed circuit. This HPU operates the crane and winch of the crane on the Ndeavor and puts a robot at sea on the bottom. This robot is then used for the wind farms at sea.

Hyproma provided the hydraulic system on the dredging pontoon of Ghent Dredging. It consists of four electrically driven hydro pumps with a total yield of 1040 L / min. This system provides the control of three spud poles, three winches and a deck crane. The pontoon is also provided with a tidal position and several separated hydraulic units for ironing masts. Inventiveness, reliability and quality are the key words for this success.

Hyproma manufactures and commissions hydraulic systems in the usual sectors as in the medical sector. The medical cyclotron, which is engineered by Hyproma, is lifted hydraulically. The cyclotron's top shield is perfectly synchronised and lifted within a range of 50-80 bar in an open loop system. Moreover, this system is provided with CE certification, which means that full quality assurance is guaranteed!